“Crow” by Clare L. Martin
Pen and crayon on paper. Digitized, filtered. 2016.


Speaking to God



“Speaking to God” by Clare L. Martin Ink, color pencil, crayon on paper. Digitized, filtered. 2016.

Love is not naive. Love is knowing at the deepest level.

I went to my bed yesterday feeling completely lost and worn and had a sorrowful cry for all that I believed would be stolen from our hearts and minds and bodies. Then I recalled all the beautiful souls I know and who I know are in the world. I took a lavender warm bath, comforting myself and listened to Patti Smith’s “People have the Power.” I tried to believe that we do indeed. I don’t know what shape our resistance will take but we will resist.


Today I feel stronger and more positive. My friend, Luis Alberto Urrea, says we choose to give up our peace. I choose to hold my peace of mind today. I just posted a status: “Love is not naive. Love is knowing at the deepest level.” I am a militant in a Love Revolution today. Those with all worldly power and goods are powerless without true power that is Love. I truly believe this. We have to hold ourselves to this belief moment by moment. I have to believe that something secret/behind the scenes (for our own good) is taking place that may alleviate some of the wrongdoing. And if not, I will fight for Truth with all of myself. But for now, I love in this moment and my love extends throughout the Universe.


Love in the subatomic fields. Love radiates from me to you.