You’re facing a blank page or screen to write a new killer poem, and the words don’t come. What do you do?

Let me assure you. Writer’s block doesn’t exist. Believe it.



It’s a fact I’ll prove to you again and again in a six-week course that I promise will help you break through obstacles to writing poems (that we usually set up for ourselves).

We’ll work through strategies to get words flowing and shape those words into tight, evocative poems that will move your readers. You will find your own unique voice to create poems that stir people.

What about publishing? Do you want to get on the editor’s radar in a good way and get your poems in their best shape to increase your chances of being a published poet?

We cover that, too.

I have thirteen years of living The Writing Life experience, over 100 publications and two collections of poetry published by small presses to draw from. I am also an editor and publisher of an online poetry magazine.  I want to share what I know with you in a personal relationship that I hope will grow in the years to come.

More about me here.

In this mentoring program, you will benefit from nurturing and honest feedback, intimate editing guidance, and designed-for-you poetry prompts we call Explorations that will have you writing new poems each week.

If you are ready to make a commitment to your writing that will benefit you for the rest of your life, then contact me. Through email, phone, and weekly consultations via Skype we’ll meet across the miles. The six-week course is $250 US currency payable through PayPal.

Enroll today! Spots are limited due to the intimate, personal attention I provide to YOU. 

martin.clarel@gmail.com or (337) 962-5886

I also offer POETRY manuscript consultations. Call or email me and we can discuss your manuscript.