Dream of Sudden Water

The poem below, “Dream of Sudden Water,” was originally published in Unlikely Stories. It is collected in Seek the Holy Dark, forthcoming in 2017 from Yellow Flag Press.

Seek the Holy Dark is the 2017 selection of the Louisiana Series of Cajun and Creole Poetry by Yellow Flag Press.

Seek the Holy Dark is now available for pre-order. Trade paperback, 66 pages, only $10. Pre-orders will ship in early February. To order click here.


Dream of Sudden Water


asleep in the woods
dreaming of a fleeting love
the grass sprouts through me

the sky is copper
patinaed with hues of blue
the dream breaks open

a red mare pulls through
apparitions of water
whisperings come

understanding lies
in the soft flicker of sense
in the depth of sleep

six crows razed storm clouds
and bled us of all our strength
what madness is this?

a harrowing thought
deep in my petrified bones—
wash me, savior

we drop through this world
into dark awakening
we, the strong-hearted


© 2017, Clare L. Martin



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