The first draft of this poem was conceived at a writing lunch attended by Bessie Senette and I at Sandra Sarr’s home in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana on Wednesday, June 15th, after I pondered the goddess Epona in an exercise Sandra offered to us.



Epona, second or third century AD, from Contern, Luxembourg (Musée national d’art et d’histoire, Luxembourg City)






He unbraids her hair
dips a finger in fragrant oil
circles her temple
the cup of his palm
holds her shoulder
the candle flickers
no more rain
no more thunder
the glass is still
when once it shook
a bullfrog bellows
electricity knocked out
they warm each other
in a house that breathes
she stretches and turns
on her belly now
he sings to her
a made up song of hums
scattered words
here and there
her name:
a whisper to her perfumed hair
all that they ever were
is forgotten
the flutter of wings
the percussion of a bell
strikes as the lights flicker on
he cries out—
power to power
a blessing of kisses
she blows out the candle
incandescent light
erases their unified shadow




©2016 Clare L. Martin




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