In translation


“Dead Owl”  by Uko Post

Uko Post, (born in the Netherlands,Meppel,27-07-1954) is a contemporary realistic painter, was trained at the academy (Minerva) of fine arts in Groningen (Netherlands) 1972-1978. He lives in Belgium (region Sankt Vith, Eifel) since 1994. Visit his website at

Here is my poem “For the Electrocuted Owl” in original English and in French translation by Louisiana poet David Cheramie. Thrilled to have the honor of his generous artistic effort!

FOR THE ELECTROCUTED OWL                                    POUR L’HIBOU ÉLÉCTROCUTÉ

We bend to blacktop to better see,       On se penche sur le goudron pour mieux voir;

to eye the majestic—                                        pour viser le majesteux—

And quivering with gravity                                Et frissonant avec la gravité

succumb to the helpless                                               succombe à l’état

state we must suffer                                         d’impuissance qu’on doit souffrir

when attacked by forces                                   quand attaqué par des forces

unnamed and unknown                                                innommées et inconnues

compelling us to stay rooted,                            nous obligeant de rester enraciné,

frozen, and so inescapably speak:                     gelé; et ainsi parler inéluctablement

O glorious;                                                        O glorieux;

splayed in moon-devotion;                                évasé en dévotion lunaire

night descends on silent wings;                   la nuit descend sur des ailes silencieuses

cream-belly angel with black                             ange au ventre de crème aux yeux

pearl eyes; o wind blade;                                  de perles noires; o lame de vent

this dew is blood; this killing fire                cette rosée, c’est du sang; ce feu assassin

whistles in bone; you                                        siffle dans les os; toi

lightless dead lie in sick streams,         mort sans lumière couché en rigolets malades

utterly gone.                                                     Tout à fait parti.