Ten Years

I want to “reblog” this because when I was in Seattle all I could think about was Adam being gone from us for ten years, the incredible impact of his life and death, and my own journey. I am grateful for every experience, every hurt and every moment of elation. God bless you all on your paths and may you find illumination, peace and caring hearts along the way. ~Clare

Clare L. Martin

Adam 2002

Next month will mark ten years since my son Adam’s death.

As I compose this blog post so many thoughts are in my head. His conception, my struggle with motherhood at 15 years old, learning that he was disabled, coming to a place of acceptance of that fact and becoming the mother he needed and that I needed to be to him up to the time of his death.

I am thinking about my mother and I going to Wal-Mart to pick out his burial clothes.  Towards the end of his life, maybe the last two years, he only wore hospital gowns. We had to guess at his size when picking the blue dress shirt and slacks. The clothes were too large and the mortuary staff pinned the clothes to fit his frail and unusually small body.

I have said this before, that writing has saved my life. But even…

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