Productivity, Wordlab, and a work-in-progress

I read “The Hanging Woman” last night at the Voices Seasonal Reading Series Winter event. After the reading I was told by former Louisiana Poet Laureate Darrell Bourque how excited he was about my new work and the creative breakthroughs that I am experiencing. He said other things in a private email that I take to heart. I must harness this force within me. It can be exhausting to wrestle a hurricane but I will pin it down. Click “View Original” at the link below to see what I am talking about.

Clare L. Martin

Before Acadiana Wordlab was founded in 2012, I was pretty productive but I was at a weird point on my writing path.  The book had just come out and I was a bit aimless. So much time was devoted to preparing the manuscript, seeing Eating the Heart First into publication and promoting it, I was off when it came to daily writing.  At first I thought I didn’t need or want to be in a “writing group” and was actually a bit scared to write raw in a group. I was wrong. Acadiana Wordlab has helped me to go places in my writing I never would have ventured, and I am a much “looser” writer when it comes to first getting words onto paper. Also, the multiple creative approaches afforded by the variety of artist-presenters have opened my mind. This has probably created new neural pathways/tapped into other areas of my…

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