This is what people who love each other do.  When you have a husband, he will want to do this to you. Tommy unbuttoned my pants and slid his hand down. We were in my room and he had put a chair up against the door and was sitting in it. I told Tommy no and he pulled a beautiful watch out of thin air. I bought this for you. The watch was gold-faced and had a thick, opaque-plastic white bracelet band. I adored it. You can keep it as long as you don’t tell anyone. I wanted that watch.  It was fashionable and meant for a stylish lady. Tommy kissed me.  He slipped his tongue between my lips. I felt awful and said no. You will like it. I said no. Tommy stood up and moved the chair. Okay. I will come over another time. You keep the watch.  Next time I will bring something else for you. Something you will love. I was confused and worried but excited too. What would he bring me? Tommy left. I showed my mother, who had been visiting a neighbor, the watch. It looked classy on my wrist. I felt important and glamorous. I don’t think I told her any of the details of what Tommy did to me. I was supposed to not tell. But my mother panicked and called Tommy’s mother. She did some detective work and found out that Tommy had stolen the watch from the mother of one of his friends. My mother took away the watch. I was very upset. It was mine. I cried for days because of how the loss of that watch made me, a first grader, feel.  I was angry with my mother for taking away the watch for a long, long time.

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