The Path to Peace


I have come to a great point in my life and this blog post is an expression of something wonderful and empowering that has transpired in my life.

Recently I had an altercation with someone that I considered a friend for close to 15 years. I respected this person and felt they were very talented, dear, and an ally. We clashed, and the falling out escalated and spiraled down into something very ugly and we mutually decided to part ways.

In this post I aim to be honest and reflective. I have had to move away from  people, as we all have had to do at some point in our lives, because there was a critical impasse and we no longer benefited from an “in-contact” relationship. I say “in-contact” because really the relationship does not end, it continues, in some way, even as one soul moves away from another.

There is still a connection in the continuum.

Up front, I am easy-going, loving and tolerant. I am faithful and strong. I am continually seeking the Highest Good in life and I have sometimes attained it, and sometimes have not; but I reach, I strive and I leave my heart open to care always.

In my dealings with some people it has occurred to me that when I become firm, focused and forthright, to them I have seemingly become mean. I don’t play games. I don’t like them and I try my utmost to not engage in them. I try not to get into brawls. I need for my own serenity to not necessarily “keep the peace” but to maintain my own peace.

I have a friend with whom I have been friends with since Mardi Gras 1986. We have a great and blessed friendship. She is a Wise Woman, a mentor, a confidant and a chosen mother-figure in my life.  She is a remarkable human who lives with an open spirit and open heart. She has taught me much and I love her.

This past week I was so stressed. The falling out was so unpleasant and stressful. Sunday night I started experiencing terrible emotions that kept me from getting sleep. I took a hot bath at 2 am by candlelight and while soaking I thought of my D., my friend who always has such blessed wisdom for me.

I know what D. would have said to me if we talked by phone on that early morning. She would have said: LIFT THIS PERSON UP IN PRAYER. So, I did. I stared into the candle and mustered a prayer, a blessing for the person who had set themselves in opposition to me.

When I got into bed, I lay my head on my pillow and although I was still shaking, I heard a soft, still voice telling me to “REST IN LOVE, REST IN LOVE.” So, I did. I let myself fall into the invisible, loving arms of all the people who care for me and in the arms of the loving God  in which I believe. I slept and woke the next morning with a calm that was truly holy, complete and real.

So, that is what I want to put “out there” in the Universe. I want to put out LOVE and the gift of forgiveness for anyone who has set themselves in opposition to me. I want to embrace them and give them a gift of relinquishment and peace, even if we are not “in-contact.” We have a choice to forgive and let go, and I choose to do that.

4 thoughts on “The Path to Peace

  1. “Rest in love.” I believe that when we open up to God, he gives us hope in any situation. Losing a friendship is hard. I’ve had to make that decision recently and it still bothers me. I remember hearing once, “If you love someone, let them go. If they come back to you, they are yours. If they don’t, they were never yours in the first place.” The only thing we truly own is our response. Respond in love.

    • My belief system is not tied to an organized religion because I have felt rejected by churches because of my liberal and open opinions, but I love God. I have not been showy with my faith because I have felt that some people have hijacked religion to push an agenda and so much of the true meaning has been lost. I am respectful of the beliefs of others and I am very private most of the time with my expressions of faith, even though I pray with my very own life and try to live in a way that is an example of Good to others. This was a very difficult week and my heart was tried in so many ways. It is God and the God in others, loved ones, that helped me to rise, to heal as I am healing. You are so very kind and dear to me, Margaret. You really inspire me with your giving and loving heart. You are a dear friend and a person I hope to which I will grow closer. You help me believe.

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