Broken Jesus

I have been working on Eating the Heart First for eight years plus a lifetime. Now that it is out, the work has shifted from primarily writing and revising, to promoting, public reading, networking, etc and my creativity has suffered. But mine eyes have seen the glory and it is Broken Jesus.  Broken Jesus is the vision I have for something new and intriguing– a personal and creative breakthrough, an exploration of myth and mystery, life and death, self and other.

Broken Jesus is the working title of my second poetry manuscript. I have roughly thirty poems already written and filed together.  (This will definitely shift and change as I write new poems and exclude others.) My focus is becoming clearer about what the title means to me, and I am attuned to the vision as visionaries are.

I sense there will be a current of spirituality and imagery that references Catholicism, having been brought up Catholic, but not exclusively and not as endorsement, as I have left the church. I sense there is much that will arise as I delve into this work. I am in the very early stages of this effort and I am excited. This morning I wrote fervently for a couple of hours and the work produced was of a better quality and more lucid than anything I have written in the past two months. I updated the page, The Work, on this site with links to a few poems that may appear in Broken Jesus.

Of course my effort to spread the word about Eating the Heart First is high on my Action List for 2013, but ‘to write is primary’ and this writing beckons me.

2 thoughts on “Broken Jesus

  1. “To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” Mary Oliver.
    You inspire me to keep writing. I love that you are so honest and share the process.

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