I am a visionary, not just in the poetry I write, but in how I live and create. Vision and creativity are my most necessary powers. I envision my present; imagine a life greater than surface, greater than doubt.

I feel sad for people who do not see themselves as visionaries, who do not claim the title of  “creator.” To them the world is ordinary and becomes more so as they drag themselves around. Their very own life is dull—they are reticent to live. This is not a condemnation but a cry for us all to see with new eyes. To you I say: see yourself with new eyes. Be the revelation in your own life.

Today I am more myself than I have ever been.  Today I am happy and new. I open myself to newness. And in this mindset rooted in love, I find absolution.

[Edited: Vision and creativity are even more necessary and vital for living well when you face lack and emptiness. To see through to a more abundant life, we need to envision one and create it for ourselves. ]