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RL Raymond pre-ordered my book, Eating The Heart First and wrote this totally unexpected little blurb about it. It is deeply appreciated.


Eating the Heart First
Clare L. Martin
Press 53, Poetry, 70 pages, 2012

In her first collection, Martin deals with many common themes – motherhood, death, nature – but does so with an unsettling grace. There is honesty and an understated tone that give each piece the right mix of tension and release. Many of the poems are exceptionally well wrought, describing loss and hope, anger and want. The most powerful piece in the collection has to be “Bread Making.” The seething anger, mixed with a dash of Christian mythos, combined with flour, and sweat, all bake together into the perfect loaf.

Although described as a Louisiana poet, Martin will appeal to readers way beyond the dankness of the bayou

RL Raymond


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