The Work

Hello World,

Below are links to my creative works accessible on the Internet that have been published in online literary journals. I am grateful to the editors and publishers who have helped me bring my words to the world.

One thing I love about the Internet is that these poems and writings can be accessed and read by anyone with a connection who clicks the link. I do send work out to print journals and I have a print (and e-book) coming out in the fall, but I focus primarily on online literary journals for submissions because I know that the reach is potentially greater these days. I have also made many connections with online readers and have made friends in the creative writing community, which has been a wonderful experience.

It’s exciting and gratifying to get and give feedback through online interactions with readers and editors.  Please take a moment to read, not only my work, but the literary journals to which I linked.

I welcome your thoughts!

Thanks for reading.




“Eating the Heart First” read by Nic Sebastian for Whale Sound



Any Winter Sunday in Louisiana” Referential Magazine

Birthing,”  “Make a New Garden” The Never that Was” Avatar Review

“Bread Making” and “Garbage Woman”  Blue Fifth Review

“Catharsis,” “The Frozen Child” and “Eating the Heart First”   Eclectica       

“Father Almost Drowning”  Poets and Artists

“Haunted” Referential Magazine

“How it Comes”A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

“Last night I dreamt the moon was burning”  Wheelhouse Magazine

“Life Expectancy” Blood Lotus

“Lost”Redheaded Stepchild Magazine

“Meditation on Intimations of Winter II” A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Memento Mori” and “Tattoo”  Press 1

“Mute”  “blue collection 1″ from Blue Fifth Review

“Note to Self” The Centrifugal Eye

“Open Me with a Fire of Words”  Wild Goose Poetry Review

“Poem at Red Moon (Full August Moon) and Secrets Alluded to but Never Told”Unlikely Stories

“Premature” Literary Mama, “Desiring Motherhood” series

“Seeing Through”  Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series

Seven Poems  Dead Mule

“She walks into the sea” Lily Lit Review

“The Bird in My Ribcage”Redheaded Stepchild Magazine

“The Oak Remembered from My Childhood” Referential Magazine

“The White Crane” (non-fiction) Referential Magazine

“The Word Does Not Come” and “Poem to the Madonna”  Unlikely Stories

“Distortion” Unlikely Stories

“To His Disquiet We Owe Recompense,” “Hegira” and “Bone Woman” 
~Dead Mule

“What Winter Told Me” –Thrush Poetry Journal

“White Bull, Black Road” “The Woman You Married”  “Little Poem at Pink Moon” ~Scythe

“Winter” Glass: A Journal of Poetry

“Winter Brought Out All The Knives”  Melusine

“You carry your weight well.”  Clare