I am *completely done* with manuscript work for Eating the Heart First.  I turned in final edits to Tom Lombardo this week and he gave me praise for the work. I am happy he’s happy.  Tom has been great to work with. I am indebted to him for “discovering” me!  So glad to be a part of the Press 53 family.

I lit a candle and said a prayer of gratitude tonight for getting this far and asked for blessings on the path ahead.  The next steps are book design, production and marketing.  The projected publication is October 2012, as a Tom Lombardo Selection from Press 53.

My job now is to strategize how to sell the book, set up regional readings, and do a book launch affair.  I like this kind of work. I like to network, brainstorm, and plan; make phone calls, send emails, gas up my vehicle to get on the road to promote and sell my book!


I want to move you with my words.

If you want a peek at my writing you can go to this link:

Poetry has been a lifeline. Being able to create something beautiful out of sorrow has had healing effects, and I hope to be able to teach a workshop on ‘writing out the grief’ to help others sometime in the future.

I would ask any authors if they have unique and effective methods to create interest and sell books to share their ideas with me.  In return, I will offer to write a review of their published book or chapbook of poetry on this website.