What fueled the writing of many of the poems in Eating the Heart First was the desire to know myself more deeply, beyond motherhood, beyond wifehood; to discover more of myself through the creative process and craft of poetic art. I needed to become something more—to be transformed.


“Write from the depths of your experience—the writing itself will deepen experience.”

These are poems of grief, of ecstatic love and rage. Yes, many of these poems are sorrowful, but there is joy as well.  Find it and you will find something rare to be treasured. The poems are authentic although many of the narratives are likely fictional. Who is to say what the factual truth is?  I was aiming for something higher.

All of my experience informs my art. I have gone to the very edge in this writing and have come back whole.  There are personal poems and there are persona poems.  Take the journey with me. Trust my voice.  

The poems ask for a sacrifice. The poems ask you to give something of yourself in order to imagine their worlds, feel their emotional impact. The price is not too high, and there may be a catharsis, an illumination and some pleasure for you.

Much of my art is in pursuit of the image.  I strive to create arresting, powerful images and metaphors.  While some border on the surreal, I believe they are still accessible.  That is my best talent, I believe.  

I can’t wait for you to have this book in your hands or in your computer/e-reader! Fall 2012!

More soon…be well…there’s writing to do.

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