A Gift


Let us travel the road before us

and enter into the mystery of trees.

Let us find the sleeping doe

attentive and aware

of the ever-wolf.  I will go

and find kindling. I will set

the fire that will engage us

and carry our heaviest thoughts

upward.  Clouds dwindle.  

Smoke trails us like a wraith.

I am caught in it. I rise

to the web of bleak branches,

to the very tops of trees.

Tonight leafless trees

are smothered with blackbirds.  

This night-smoke

becomes the blackbird

rising to its highest—

Drifting embers smite the moon.

©2011 Clare L. Martin

One thought on “A Gift

  1. Man, wish I could go out to those woods. But every time I do everyone’s always “AAHH MONSTER IN THE WOODS”. Then theres that one redneck jackhole with a shotgun who thinks hes a hero. Ive stayed in urban areas since that incident. My cans in a rent controlled part of Brooklyn these days, and the neighborhoods doing pretty well. Used to be a lot of undesireables around but now celebrities stop by this street. Drew Brees came over last week. Didnt get out to see him. I’m a Lions fan.

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