A Gift


Let us travel the road before us

and enter into the mystery of trees.

Let us find the sleeping doe

attentive and aware

of the ever-wolf.  I will go

and find kindling. I will set

the fire that will engage us

and carry our heaviest thoughts

upward.  Clouds dwindle.  

Smoke trails us like a wraith.

I am caught in it. I rise

to the web of bleak branches,

to the very tops of trees.

Tonight leafless trees

are smothered with blackbirds.  

This night-smoke

becomes the blackbird

rising to its highest—

Drifting embers smite the moon.

©2011 Clare L. Martin

Coming Soon: News in the New Year

Happy holidays to you, your family and loved ones.  Best wishes for a great new year!

In January, I will have exciting news to share.  I can hardly keep it to myself now but I must. You will cheer with me, I hope, when you hear it.


I predict 2012 will be a momentous and thrilling year!  Please stay tuned!



What has my life taken out of your pocket?

I have made something.

(Although it is small and nearly imperceptible.)

It signifies my existence. It signifies

love I have given and received.

It signifies the things I have accepted

and that which I reject.

This lifework took years

and it has worn me.

I rise from bed dark mornings

because the desire to become

more real hunts me and haunts me—

even in sleep—that dark dance.

The desire to create is the desire

to become more real.  It is the desire

to deepen understanding

of Self and Other.

I am ready again, again, again 

to succumb; to give myself

over to the art engendered

within and without.

In the Rear-View Mirror

The Writing Life Year 2011

Thanks to all of the editors, hosts, friends who have supported me this year and for many years through our literary endeavors.

Nominee, Sundress Publication’s Best of the Net 2011, nonfiction category, for “The White Crane,” by Referential Magazine

Nominee, Dzanc Books’ Best of the Web 2011 for “Winter Brought Out All the Knives,” by Melusine: Woman in the 21st Century


Cite des Arts, Lafayette, LA November 4th

10th Annual New Orleans Book Fair, New Orleans, LA November 5th

The Maple Leaf, Everette C. Maddox Memorial Reading, November 6th              


2012 DAF Grant Recipients Celebration

Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, LA, October 24th


100 Thousand Poets for Change                      

Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, LA September 24th


Open Mic Series at Casa Azul

                Featured Poet with Lana Wiggins, Grand Coteau, LA April 21st



“Note to Self” The Centrifugal Eye, April 2011

“Haunted” Referential Magazine, Spring 2011

“Lost” Redheaded Stepchild, Spring 2011

“The Bird in My Ribcage” Redheaded Stepchild, Spring 2011

“How it Comes” A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Vol. 1, Issue 1

“Meditation on Intimations of Winter II” A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Vol. 1, Issue 1

“Poem at Red Moon (Full August Moon)” Unlikely Stories, September 2011

“Secrets Alluded to But Never Told” Unlikely Stories, September 2011


Press 53’s 2011 Spotlight anthology

 “Eating the Heart First” first appeared in Eclectica Magazine

“Poem Composed After Reading Plath’s Ariel at a Junkyard”

“4-Way Stop at Dusk” first appeared in Farmhouse Magazine

“Tattoo” “first appeared in Press 1

“Life Expectancy” first appeared in Blood Lotus

“I Have Learned To Hold My Tongue”

“To His Disquiet We Owe Recompense” first appeared in the Dead Mule


“Starving Horses” first appeared in the Dead Mule

“The Gift” first appeared in the Dead Mule

In addition, I signed on as a Teaching Artist with the Acadiana Center for the Arts. I have high hopes that this will be a rewarding opportunity.


Looking Ahead:


“What Winter Told Me” THRUSH, forthcoming January 2012

“Seeing Through” blue five notebook, forthcoming April 2012

“Ink on a Mirror” Louisiana Literature, forthcoming 2012

“Convergence” Louisiana Literature, forthcoming 2012