Year 7 of The Writing Life (and a Rededication)

Tomorrow is the 7th anniversary of Adam’s death. 

He was born premature and had health challenges all of his life. It’s a long, long story. I don’t mind talking about it, and I have, but what I want to share is that when he passed I was grief-stricken–but very aware–that I was blessed to have been his mother. 

After Adam died, I turned to writing to assuage my grief. I turned to writing to recover.  Seven years on a dedicated path into the writing life, I can say there are many amazing writing-related happenings happening that would never have happened if not for Adam. Today I feel like I am living up to my promise to Adam, made seven years ago, to honor the gifts I was given and to write in his memory.  

I would like to tell you some of the great news that I am bursting to share.

First I would like to say thank you to Press 53’s publisher, Kevin Morgan Watson, and Press 53’s poetry editor, Tom Lombardo, for selecting my work for inclusion in the 2011 Spotlight Anthology. The 2011 Spotlight anthology will showcase a select group of emerging writers in a print anthology published by Press 53 that will be released June 1, 2011. Ten of my poems will appear with selections from two other poets and five short story writers.  It’s a wonderful thing and I couldn’t be happier.

I have work forthcoming in The Centrifugal Eye. My poem “Note to Self” is selected to appear in the next issue which will be released in April.  

I will be reading with poet/novelist/teacher/funky-hip-mama Lana Wiggins at Casa Azul on April 21st.  Lana will likely read from her novel and I will be reading new poems.  I love having this annual reading to look forward to.  It gets me writing in anticipation so that I can share new work. I thank Patrice Melnick of Festival of Words Cultural Arts Collective, Inc. for allowing us the opportunity again! This will be the third year Lana and I will read together in April—National Poetry Month, at Casa Azul Gifts in Grand Coteau.

I am a participant in a new writing group in Grand Coteau. The group is directed by the very creative and adept writer and entrepreneur Patrice Melnick, and is sponsored by the Festival of Words Cultural Arts Collective, Inc.    ~It feels like home. ~

I am again contributing writing to the Acting Up (in Acadiana) theatre company for a new project called CARAVAN.  I submitted two short, strange bits and may have more in me.  We shall see.  

And last but not least, I have kept this “hush-hush” so as not to jinx anything but I will give you a little peek into my closely held secret—I am expanding my role as a “working poet” into that of a “teaching poet.” There is a wonderful opportunity which may come though for me this fall. I promise I will give you notice when I hear the official word. I am so ready. I am up with energy and full of ideas—so I sure hope I will be allowed to expand my role through this (possible) new opportunity.

I am ebullient. Great energy is arising within and without. The momentum is with me, it seems.  I dedicated my writing life seven years ago to Adam because he gave to me, and I rededicate my efforts in Adam’s memory and to my girl, Madelynne. They will always be miracles in my life.

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