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I learned today that my creative non-fiction piece “The White Crane” will be featured as the spotlight nonfiction piece at Referential Magazine very soon.  This piece of writing is very special to me. Writing it was a high mark in my recovery from the ravages of untreated bipolar disease. 

I am in recovery.  I always will be. I am not cured of bipolar disease. My illness is being treated with medication and therapy.  But there is a deeper sense of recovery to which I am referring, and to which I am deeply committed. I am recovering from emotional trauma which damaged me and kept me suffering for many years even though the most pronounced symptoms of bipolar were abated.  

The actual writing of “The White Crane” signified closure for me of a dark time in my life that included six or so hospitalizations in mental hospitals, misdiagnosis, turmoil in my family, job losses and loss of so much of my self-worth.  I have been clawing my way back to peace and sanity ever since with the full awareness that I could have another breakdown and another and another.  The disease is just that insidious.  But I am today because of the health care I receive, the love and support of family and friends and because of writing. 

I will say it again:

Each success, no matter how small, in practice of what I love is a lightning strike against the dark. 

I have had high hopes for this piece for many years and I couldn’t be happier with its placement at Referential.  Much thanks to Jessie Carty and Eleanor Bryan for selecting my work and sharing their audience with me.

I will post an announcement when it is published.

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