Six Months In

So far in 2010–six months in–I have had nine poems published and three have been accepted and will soon appear in magazines. I am thrilled to bits about this. I was updating my C.V. with the new acceptances and noted that 49 pieces of my creative writing have been (or will be) published. Most of them have been published since 2004. 

In 2004, my son died.

When Adam died, I promised myself that I would live my life as a writer; that I would write purposefully and professionally for the rest of my life, God-willing. I have lived the writing life each day since.  I embrace my role as writer, along with my roles as wife and mother, proudly and with serious intent.  I always start out my “bio” with the phrase:

Clare is a poet/mother/wife…whatever.

I am these things at my very center. I move outwardly from ‘that place’ in my heart—

I can also share that I have bipolar disease. I have struggled for most of my adult life with its symptoms. I have had serious breakdowns and lost so much but I have been very blessed to have a doctor who saved me with careful attention and astute clinical sense which he used in my treatment.

I have been in recovery since 2000.  That means I am moving forward but the disease never leaves.  It is always at my back.  It is deadly–but thankfully I have been able to care for myself and my family somewhat steadily for a long period. I learned the hard way how to sense the oncoming symptoms. I have the strong support of family, friends and a treatment team of doctors.

I am in recovery.

I am recovering.

I am.

If you would like to read the poems that have been published on the Internet so far in 2010 please click the links below.

“White Bull, Black Road” Scythe, Vol. II, 2010

“The Woman You Married” Scythe, Vol. II, 2010

“Little Poem at Pink Moon” Scythe, Vol. II, 2010

“Memento Mori” THE RED ROOM: Writings from Press 1, anthology, 2010

“Mute” Blue Fifth Review, blue collection 1, anthology series, 2010

“Winter Brought Out All the Knives” Melusine, 2.2 Spring/Summer 2010

“Birthing” Avatar Review, Issue 12, Summer 2010

“Make a New Garden” Avatar Review, Issue 12, Summer 2010

“The Never That Was” Avatar Review, Issue 12, Summer 2010

“Father Almost Drowning” Poets & Artists, forthcoming 2010

“Open Me with a Fire of Words” Wild Goose Poetry Review forthcoming 2010

“Premature” Literary Mama, forthcoming  2010