Happy Progress

I’ve spent most of my energy this weekend on writing-related activities. I sent out two packets of poems (8 poems total) to two journals. I revised a group of poems and researched small presses and publishers for possible avenues for my manuscript. I feel very good about the opportunities. I also spent a bit of time editing the manuscript, Eating the Heart First. I plan to write a post regarding the impetus for this manuscript next week. One thing I can say is that setting aside the Garbage Woman work in favor of this work is a smart move. I always wanted to title my first collection, Eating the Heart First, anyway. Garbage Woman has a negative connotation that I didn’t want associated with me, after all.  There is an ugly slang term that I learned about after I was using the title.

My original poem “Garbage Woman” which inspired that effort can be read here.

More later…be well.

6 thoughts on “Happy Progress

  1. i love reading about other writers on their journey to create and/or to publish. I love that title “Eating the Heart First”. I was reluctant with my first full length collection for it to be, in part, about my own childhood but it is the book that needed to be written and now that it is done I can move onto new things!

  2. Thanks, Jessie. I have been writing since I was a child but I did not seriously focus until six years ago when my son died. I write in his memory. I believe that apart from the life I live with my family, my “writing life” is my life’s work. It certainly is my passion and joy.

    • I can understand that. I wrote for years but then stopped for 6 years in my 20’s cause I needed to be “career” driven or so I thought. Sorry for the loss of your son 😦

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