Happy Progress

I’ve spent most of my energy this weekend on writing-related activities. I sent out two packets of poems (8 poems total) to two journals. I revised a group of poems and researched small presses and publishers for possible avenues for my manuscript. I feel very good about the opportunities. I also spent a bit of time editing the manuscript, Eating the Heart First. I plan to write a post regarding the impetus for this manuscript next week. One thing I can say is that setting aside the Garbage Woman work in favor of this work is a smart move. I always wanted to title my first collection, Eating the Heart First, anyway. Garbage Woman has a negative connotation that I didn’t want associated with me, after all.  There is an ugly slang term that I learned about after I was using the title.

My original poem “Garbage Woman” which inspired that effort can be read here.

More later…be well.