Couldn’t Be Happier

My poem “Mute” will be published in March of 2010 in  ‘blue collection 1’ from Blue Fifth Review – as part 3 of ‘the body series.’  

Thanks to Sam Rasnake for the opportunity and for selecting this work.

blue collection 1 – the body will feature:

Melissa Buckheit, Demotics

CE Chaffin, To My Left Pinkie

Robert Klein Engler, The Artist Held in Memory

Rupert Fike, I Care for the Body that Bore Me

Paul Hostovsky, Caesura

Rich Ives, Temporary Embodiment of a Passing Cloud

Marilyn Kallet, I Want You Here

Jeff Mann, Russian Samovar

Clare Martin, Mute

Amy Small-McKinney, Two Figures Sitting & Walking

Marge Piercy, Old traumas never die

Susan Terris, Beldame Rite for the Missing One

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