Break Time

I am nocturnal.

I worked all night and much of the morning on the Eating the Heart First manuscript–tuning, cutting, and tweaking whatever needed tweaks. I took a break to cook breakfast for my husband before he left for work.  Yes, he has to work today–Mother’s Day, a Sunday…but maybe only half a day. (I cooked scrambled eggs with andouille sausage and colby cheese.)

The past hour has been spent researching small presses.  Poets & Writers has a great database.  If anyone has any suggestions I am all eyes.  I will be in this research phase for a time.

It’s break time now for me.  I want too much right now and what I want I can’t have immediately.  I must go through the process of researching, submitting, and waiting.  I need a break to meditate a bit on the next steps, and to accept that I can do this. Sorry if I am oblique. I’m really talking to myself, aren’t I?

2 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. Hi Clare, Of course, you are talking to yourself. I absolutely do not understand people who don’t have conversations in their minds. How do they stand be silent with themselves? I talk to myself all the time.

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