Well if you call this a life…

I received a great compliment from my 13 year old daughter today when she said in reference to herself: “Well my mom’s a poet.” And then she rattled off a few titles of my poems that she particularly likes. I was made immensely happy—maybe for life.

I have poems coming up in “Press 1” in May. I’m so thrilled that “Memento Mori” and “Tattoo” have a home; and Press 1 is an impressive mag. Great thanks to editor Arlene Ang and her co-editors!

Press 1

I participated a bit in the “30 Poems/Drafts in 30 Days” National Poetry Writing Month Challenge. I missed several days but I am not upset about it. I stayed on task for the most part and I wrought a few poems out of the drafts. A handful will be sent tomorrow to a literary magazine, maybe just after midnight–since their reading period is exclusively the months of May and October. I’ll let the world know how that goes if it goes in my favor. If not I probably won’t make a peep.

I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend. I am hoping this weekend to tackle most of the Must-Dos. Then I can breathe awhile…I wish you good breathing too.

Don’t you love to breathe?