Modified Response to a Friend’s Comment Elsewhere: A Manifesto?

I want to write because I want to write.

I have something to prove to myself, to the world in a way, yes…but I need to remember that writing is a joyful act and I should not be pained with “having to prove” syndrome. Meaning I shouldn’t write from that headspace, you know?

This is the challenge: trying to get beneath the surface and into the ground of myself. I want to find the poetry in me—to write from the deepest heartspace and clearest headspace.

I want to tap into a vein of knowing that offers up resonant and authentic insight. I want to know and write what I know in a clear voice. I want to avoid Baroque language—by keeping it real, cohesive and accessible, and by enlivening but not burdening the language.

I want the authority to say it. I want to clear away the dross…for me it is simply about the work–doing the work.

I don’t want to be a lazy writer (anymore.) I don’t want to get caught up in the externals—publishing just to boost my ego comes to mind only because I have had a string of rejections in the past couple of months (I was only sparingly submitting work, sending drafts and more than likely sending things to markets that wouldn’t be a good fit for my work in the first place.) It was a kick in the derriere that forced me to refocus on the writing: love the work I do, find the core—what say you?

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