I have dreamed poems but the words disappeared as I dreamed them.

It has been 44 days since I broke my foot and 33 days since my surgery. For the first weeks my life was centered on coping with pain pre and post surgery, sleeping and learning how to deal/move/live with the injury.   Now that I am in the waiting phase (waiting to get the cast off and waiting to start physical therapy) and not in a lot of pain, I want to reclaim my writing life.  Though last night in pre-sleep I had word-image “flashes” (a man walking on stones crossing a creek in Glacier National Park, a black crow in a blue sky—props to Joni Mitchell.) I got out of bed and “wheeled” myself to the computer. In the wee hours I wrote a poem and it felt so good to do it.  It is only the second poem I have written in the post- injury period.  

One area of my writing life that needs desperate attention is the management of my files. I have document scraps of poems, working poems, ready to go poems, rejected poems, etc that need to be reviewed and reassigned to file folders—I mean on the computer.  I couldn’t handle anymore paper or manila folders on or in my desk. So this must be done soon.  I’ve produced so much raw material…I’m hoping with a new file system I can develop and refine much of what I have created.  And this is essential for me to do to move forward in regards to sending the work out. That is the goal, isn’t it?   


Be well, friends.  My thoughts are clearing…more soon.    

2 thoughts on “I have dreamed poems but the words disappeared as I dreamed them.

  1. I can’t believe it’s been 44 days. Congratulations on your poem. It must have been an incredible feeling to write it.

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