Taking a “Break” Literally

I’m up for a few minutes changing positions. I’ve been living off of the kindness of my family and in a recliner since I broke my foot Thursday. I broke it at home when my knee gave out for the third time since falling Thursday afternoon. There are four bones broken in the upper toes. It is called a “Lisfranc fracture.” Right now it is in a splint until I have surgery. I will see the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. My daughter is being hired as the family cook and my nurse. I am doing well enough today that I can get up out of the chair with the aid of the walker. I am getting a wheelchair later today. For now I have been prescribed pain meds, and to rest, ice the foot and elevate it to bring down swelling. The swelling must be down to be able to do the surgery. I might not be able to respond to every message for a while but my husband is reading them to me and will keep you all updated if I can’t.

Love to all,