The Update

Just a quick update:

We saw the orthopaedic surgeon today.  He said the incisions look good and the screws in the bones are where they are supposed to be.  I saw the X-rays and I think they’re are four screws, maybe five and no pins that protrude. I saw the incisions too.  It was hard to look at my poor bruised foot, but I stomached it.

The pain is managed. The Dr. said that when I return in a week and a half he will remove the sutures and put the foot in a hard cast. I will be in a cast for several weeks and then will need physical therapy. 

I deeply appreciate all of the kind comments and good wishes I have received.  So many good friends pulled me up and through the initial challenges.  I’ve  had dark and bleak thoughts but the humor and care shown by you all lifts me —truly.

I am refocusing on life and on some of the goals I have set for 2009.  I will not rush into anything but I do want to slipback into normalcy as much as possible—well not pre-injury normalcy but a new, better normalcy.  So expect non-medical updates until something newsworthy occurs. But I may process the healing process/life-change out loud–who knows?

My husband and daughter have been extraordinarily wonderful; helping me get around, cooking and cleaning, etc. I am so grateful our family is super-tight–so I think of this injury as a positive in some ways, or to put it better:  I am seeing many positives coming through this experience (knock on wood!)

I’d love to indulge in a little creative writing tonight while the gumbo simmers…I think I will indeed.


Be well xxoo

Moving Forward

My surgery to fix the broken foot is scheduled for Monday. I was pre-admitted today. It will be an outpatient surgery, and barring complications I will be home Monday evening. My doctor explained some of the results of the MRI done of my left knee but I didn’t catch all of the anatomical terms to which he referred. I did hear: “torn ligament,” which he will not repair at this time. He said I could still walk and do other activities after rehab, and that if I were very athletic he would perform surgery for the tear. He also said there was a small tear in the “meniscus” which we should be alert to, but that he would also take a wait and see approach to as well.

Taking a “Break” Literally

I’m up for a few minutes changing positions. I’ve been living off of the kindness of my family and in a recliner since I broke my foot Thursday. I broke it at home when my knee gave out for the third time since falling Thursday afternoon. There are four bones broken in the upper toes. It is called a “Lisfranc fracture.” Right now it is in a splint until I have surgery. I will see the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. My daughter is being hired as the family cook and my nurse. I am doing well enough today that I can get up out of the chair with the aid of the walker. I am getting a wheelchair later today. For now I have been prescribed pain meds, and to rest, ice the foot and elevate it to bring down swelling. The swelling must be down to be able to do the surgery. I might not be able to respond to every message for a while but my husband is reading them to me and will keep you all updated if I can’t.

Love to all,