Running to 2009

I found a page in a red cloth journal I haven’t carried around for months that had a short list of writing goals and action steps that I want to be guided by in 2009.

So here is a bit of that.  I will likely spend more time with the list and expand it.  Looking over this short list I get the sense it is a six-month agenda.

2009 Writing Life





Organize my files.
Back up data to external hard drive!

Continue work with the Play. Music. Heal. project. Jan.- Mar. 09

Find out more details on “the secret project”  I’ve  been approached to do.

Continually update writing resume.

Explore the 2nd “secret project” I am considering.

Work on new manuscript: Eating the Heart First and reassess efforts to get Garbage Woman published I should receive notification in Jan. of its status with one publisher. I may need to reconsider G.W.  and my methods of marketing it.

Set up a co-reading with a woman poet-friend.  It was her suggestion and I hope we can make it happen.  I love her work and our poetry seems to be complimentary.

Reevaluate markets and my methods of getting into them.  

Slow Down.




11 thoughts on “Running to 2009

  1. You changed blog themes… this one looks very, very good on you. I like your plans for ’09. I think mine will look very similar. I feel like Something is going to happen… like I’m almost ready to do the stuff I’ve been preparing for.

    …you have to open up the For Me page for comments so I can let you know when I’ve been over to see you.

  2. I just wrote something on your Facebook thing, but since I don’t know anything about Facebook I think I made it public when it should be private. If there’s a way you could make it private I’d really, really appreciate it… I hate the Internet.

    You look fantastic by the way.

  3. Oh, the dreaded poetry to-do list! I have one, too:

    Write write write

    Apply for MFA programs

    Attend AWP (you should go, by the way)

    Sort through and back up all my poems (most of them only reside on my blog, many in unpublished posts. it’s a huge mess.)

    Apply for Jack Straw, GAP and other grants

    Revise and start sending out chapbook and finish collaborative chapbooks with Nathan and Beth

    Send work to journals

    Continue building Postal Poetry audience

    Teach more K-12 classes on Shore Tags

    Co-edit collaborative issue of Qarrtsiluni

    Write write write

  4. You make me blush, Gabriel. I took care of the note.

    Dana, I would love to go to AWP. I’m not sure I can swing the costs of travel and lodging. I’ve been to Chicago once and enjoyed it for the little while we were there. I audited a workshop with Luis Alberto Urrea years ago and I see he will be a panelist at a featured event. I think there are some folks from the university here going. I wonder if my friend L. has already booked her flight and lodgings…because there could be a slight chance that I could attend with her.

  5. There’s something they taught us in our real estate sales classes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
    Something like that.

    Keep to your goals, you’re such a hard worker and you have a plan to succeed.

  6. Thanks. That would be awesome, but I’m really trying to clear away debts and if I went to AWP I would have to incur more than I can afford. Maybe next time.

  7. I just remembered two more things I have to do in 2009:

    Create the Seattle version of the Poetry Brothel


    Create Poets on Buses. (It would be like the Poetry on Buses thing they do here in Seattle, only with actual poets. Imagine a whole afternoon with poets on a number of bus routes giving poetry readings to the bus occupants.)

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