Running to 2009

I found a page in a red cloth journal I haven’t carried around for months that had a short list of writing goals and action steps that I want to be guided by in 2009.

So here is a bit of that.  I will likely spend more time with the list and expand it.  Looking over this short list I get the sense it is a six-month agenda.

2009 Writing Life





Organize my files.
Back up data to external hard drive!

Continue work with the Play. Music. Heal. project. Jan.- Mar. 09

Find out more details on “the secret project”  I’ve  been approached to do.

Continually update writing resume.

Explore the 2nd “secret project” I am considering.

Work on new manuscript: Eating the Heart First and reassess efforts to get Garbage Woman published I should receive notification in Jan. of its status with one publisher. I may need to reconsider G.W.  and my methods of marketing it.

Set up a co-reading with a woman poet-friend.  It was her suggestion and I hope we can make it happen.  I love her work and our poetry seems to be complimentary.

Reevaluate markets and my methods of getting into them.  

Slow Down.