Louisiana Snow

It snowed overnight here in SW Louisiana. 

Let me repeat:

It snowed overnight here in SW Louisiana.


It is not even official winter and we have had a rare snowfall.  It is noon and the snow in my yard has just melted away. I don’t know how much snow fell, but we did get a dusting with some accumulation. In the wee hours big, fluffy flakes were falling. I was up watching it for hours. I tried to wake up the house but my husband and daughter slumber heavily. 

Some snow is still melting off the roof. It was a lovely sight but I do have some sad news to report.  My daughter did not get to build a snowperson. She has never in her life built one.   She cried before school this morning that it was unfair that she had to go to school today when there was snow to be played in and with. School in my area was not cancelled. My girl left feeling very disheartened.  But I have a feeling there may be more snow for us this winter.  It’s a strange sense that this winter will be downright frigid with various wintry precipitations in these parts.

9 thoughts on “Louisiana Snow

  1. I chatted with a friend who lives in Rochester this morning and he said he was dealing with snow today and I read another friend’s entry that lots of snow was predicted in her area of NY. She is in Binghamton.

  2. I think I read something about this being the first time in a long time there’s no “El Niño” or “La Niña” effect, so the winter is going to be a little weird. Congrats on getting the snow though… everyone should have a white Christmas… it’s a good thing you’ve got a tuque.

  3. Oh dear. I really shut down in the cold. I take a lot of hot baths. My skin rebels. I huddle with strangers. Well, no that’s not true. But if I was cold and all I had was a group of strangers to ward the cold I would recruit them to assemble into a human igloo. I would for sure.

  4. Hi Clare, I love snow. It’s the ice and freezing rain and loss of electricity that I hate. Snow is fun. And so beautiful. We had a brief dusting a few weeks ago. The gone-by-noon kind.

  5. I live just north of Sunset. We had 5 inches of snow Thursday morning. That night the snow was beautiful in the light of the full moon. It lasted till the next day. There was even some left the day after that, in shaded areas. It was strange to see the remains of snowmen still there Saturday afternoon.

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