Oh Yeah

What a great night. It went very well even though I was really shaky at the beginning. I pulled it together though. I actually could have gone longer but I left them wanting more. I have to thank Patrice for inviting me to read and my peeps who came to Casa Azullili, amy, kara, ange, jo, paige, andy, zeralda, jeanne, bill, sam, jennifer, bill’s mom, my mom, mad, and dean I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. There were quite a few otherfolks too and everyone was enthused and excited, especially during the raucous and enlightening open mic segment–raucous and enlightening in one sentence–can’t beat that.

The moon was full and lovely.  As we were driving to Grand Coteau it rose in the sky above the town itself.  It seemed to me a sign that I was called there.

7 thoughts on “Oh Yeah

  1. I love Grand Coteau, isn’t it a lovely little town?

    I’m so glad to hear they are doing things like this down there as I hope to move back in the area one day.

    It’s also great to hear your reading went well, Clare.

    I hope this doesn’t freak you out, but, my family is buried there and it is good to know you’re out there rustling up those souls.

  2. Thank you so much. I am not freaked out. I really would like to visit the cemetery soon and take some photos. Grand Coteau is a special place.

  3. I always take the camera when I go out there. I’ve got a few photos of the cememtery on my Flickr page.

    If you remember seeing a silver building right across the street from where you were, that used to be Blane’s great grandfather’s store during the Great Depression. It used to be across the highway but they moved it to Grand Coteau and made some sort of shop out of it recently.

  4. I haven’t, but will try it next time I’m in town. Yes, that is a great idea, we should meet.

    I read those two poems of yours on Casa’s website. What a treat Grand Coteau got last night.
    Lovely words.

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