Oh Yeah

What a great night. It went very well even though I was really shaky at the beginning. I pulled it together though. I actually could have gone longer but I left them wanting more. I have to thank Patrice for inviting me to read and my peeps who came to Casa Azullili, amy, kara, ange, jo, paige, andy, zeralda, jeanne, bill, sam, jennifer, bill’s mom, my mom, mad, and dean I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. There were quite a few otherfolks too and everyone was enthused and excited, especially during the raucous and enlightening open mic segment–raucous and enlightening in one sentence–can’t beat that.

The moon was full and lovely.  As we were driving to Grand Coteau it rose in the sky above the town itself.  It seemed to me a sign that I was called there.


Lift off in less than 3 hours. Feeling good—Fired Up! Ready to Go! Listening to music: Emmylou, Joni, K.D.Lang, Bob Dylan, Pete Yorn, and Lucinda Williams. I’ve changed clothes a few times. I’ve settled on all black with a blood red bead at my neck. Hair done. Makeup did. My mom is so excited. Her ladies at the beauty shop saw my article in the paper and congratulated her. My mom is stoked about tonight! Getting a good grounding listening to Bob–It’s all over now baby blue…it takes me to such a deep place. My baby girl is going to hear me read tonight. She has never heard me read publicly before. I am so excited. I am dedicating the reading to her.