The Presidential Election

I have not written about my political beliefs in this journal. But I must say that I have not been so politically engaged and hopeful in 8 years. My politics are certainly left-leaning and solidly pro-Obama. So, yes, I have been glued, liked so many, to cable news networks and news web sites following the campaigns. I am so eager to cast my vote for Barack Obama. He is intelligent, thoughtful, a great communicator who possesses the right ideas for this country at this moment in time and I hope he will be elected. I hope he will be sworn in and enabled to express his vision and lead our country. I hope that our citizens will continue to be engaged, and continue in their fervor to shape our democracy. I hope for our country.  I hope we will vote, and then unite and move democratically and progressively forward.

Yes we can.  

I watched Barack Obama give his last rally speech tonight in Manassas, Virginia to a crowd of approximately 80,000 on C-SPAN and I was weeping by the end of it. If Obama is elected it will be a referendum on our desire for unity (on so many levels) and an affirmation that we can be a unified and dignified people. I am thrilled that Barack Obama has achieved what he has and he will always be an inspiration. Truly, he must succeed. He must. No matter your politics, one must appreciate the stamina, intellect and gift of oration this man possesses.  Bless him and his family on the loss they suffered today. He perseveres which I feel his grandmother would have wanted for him. I heard on the news that she had cast her vote for Barack before she died.  

I wish to all a good voting day. I wish for all of us to be able to vote who are eligible and for our votes to be counted. I wish for a civil atmosphere at our polling places. If there are long lines and someone behind you is old or unable to stand very long, please consider giving them your spot.  Be considerate. Keep your cool.  Be prepared.  Be familiar with your ballot. Good luck.

I was invited to go to an election night watch party but I need to be here for my girl.  Election night will be a school night and I will likely be firmly entrenched in my recliner flipping channels to catch the latest election results and hear the spin. If the results are unknown and I can’t stay awake I will fall asleep in the recliner and maybe when I wake up Obama will be President Elect Obama. I hope so.

Oh and whether or not Barack Obama wins, computer programs must update their Spell Check Dictionaries to include “Barack” and “Obama.”

5 thoughts on “The Presidential Election

  1. As a lifelong yellow dog dem, I was thinking earlier about how many people I’ve converted (or given birth) to the dem party.
    I changed my husband from a republican.
    Raised a son and daughter to vote dem.
    My son converted his republican wife to dem.
    My son converted two of his friends.
    I registered on friend of my daughters.

    That’s six votes plus mine for Obama.

    That is 26 years for this moment. I’m so proud.

  2. Go Kitty!

    I’ve talked to my mother and while I will respect her privacy on her choice of presidential candidates, I can say I am happy with it. 😉

    I know my husband at one point was thinking of voting for McCain, but after many conversations, news research, watching all of the debates and numerous speeches of both candidates and the running mates he is now voting for Obama.

    I have a good group of friends who are volunteers for Obama, but I also know about a dozen or so people in my family, some friends who would never vote for a black man. I have tried to speak to many of them but the won’t budge from that deeply entrenched ignorance. 😦

    Happy Election Day!

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of block walking for Obama, but this is deep red territory, so I’m not sure how well that will turn out.

    I hope all these people who say they can’t vote for a black man feel differently when they get in that voting booth and mark the box with the best man next to it.

    If they don’t?

    They will wish they did because so much good will come of an Obama presidency.

  4. Hi Clare, My husband and I and our two sons voted for Obama. My sister and her family will.

    I do hope NC goes for Obama, but time will tell on that one.

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