Obama Shared his PBJ


Love it! Thanks Helen for posting the video!


If John McCain wants to be a maverick, and do a maverick-y thing, when he is sent back to the Senate after his defeat he can vote with President Obama on all issues. 

That’s what a real Maverick would do!

4 thoughts on “Obama Shared his PBJ

  1. Obama will leave the trail for a few hours of Friday to spend time with his 7- and 10-year old daughters on Halloween.

    Campaign aides want “to get him home in time tomorrow to play the exceedingly important role of trick-or-treater-in-chief,” senior strategist Robert Gibbs said. “I suggest he go as a Secret Service agent and blend in.”

    Gibbs suggested there wouldn’t be any photo opportunities, telling reporters that he doesn’t want cameras “stalking the man when he is trick or treating.”


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