I want this here

The Ache of Marriage


The ache of marriage:


thigh and tongue, beloved,

are heavy with it,

it throbs in the teeth


We look for communion

and are turned away, beloved,

each and each


It is leviathan and we

in its belly

looking for joy, some joy

not to be known outside it


two by two in the ark of

the ache of it.


Denise Levertov

4 thoughts on “I want this here

  1. Very interesting poem. Thanks for sharing it. I’m not really sure what Levertov is trying to say, but that’s just me. I’m slow in the poetry sense. But the words are gripping. “Two by two in the ark of
    the ache of it.” Sounds like something I’ve always felt, always wanted to say, but couldn’t express it. Thank you again!

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