The Hurricane Poems

I am working on a series or long poem, titled The Hurricane Poem(s.)  I think I can work this material (some old some new some yet to be)  into a whole. The trick will be to secure the underpinnings.

What excites me is that I know there is material of substance under the surface of these words. I know that I can go deeper and deeper still into the raw hurricane experience, into the harrowing sights and sounds, ponder the force of nature to bring out something significant.
It is a demanding subject. There is much to say. I am so close to it right now that I am raw as well, and I will need some distance, but I want to capture what is so threatening to me, and perhaps acknowledge the after-effect of clarity and strength that I have also known. 

I am excited to work on a piece that will require some time, concentration, fighting for ideas and letting them go, days of reflection and measured judgment. 

I also have three writing-related engagements this fall, and my 40th birthday.  I’m super-excited about that, surprisingly. I love my birthdays! I’m shameless like that.

10 thoughts on “The Hurricane Poems

  1. I’m glad you’ve decided to work on this. No photo or video has ever really captured what it is like, that is definitely the job for a poet.

    Looking forward to your words, Clare.

  2. You should Twitter. It’s cool because you can text your twitter account and it gets broadcasted to your subscribers via the internet or if they have that box checked off, to their mobile phones.
    Check them out at
    My handle is cinemagypsy on there.

    My thoughts are with you this week and then next, stay safe and text if you need anything.

  3. Would like to connect with you. I lived through hurricane Janet 1955-St Vincent West Indies (Caribbean) And only now I could find it in my heart to write about the experience.

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