9 thoughts on “Home Safe

  1. Around my city there were mostly big limbs, branches, some wind damage to roofs and light metal structures.

    At my mother’s not far from my home there were two big oak branches that broke off which my husband hauled off. She still has lots of small sticks, stripped leaves, etc. that need to be mulched.

    At our home there were mostly thin branches and scattered still-green leaves that my husband has already cleared. We lost a few shingles from the roof.

    I looked around town a bit and one gas station had two pumps ripped up and a large metal roof flung off. So, they will have a big job.

    Things look much better here than east and south of us. More heavy structural damage and some flooding around us but not actually here.

  2. We had no real damage except for tree branches down, and a few blown shingles. My mother is still out of power but we had our power restored yesterday. She had no real damage either. The “eye” was predicted to run right over us but it collapsed into a “center of circulation” and not a well-defined eye and went east of us then continued on a northwest track. We did not get the worst of it by far. I am happy for that but sad and mindful that many many are still in the midst of a tragedy…fighting for their lives and property.

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