Where I Want to Be

I have happy news to share. 

In November I will be the featured poet at a very cool (local) poetry event. This will be my first “solo feature” and I am thrilled.  This is something hoped for. I have plenty of time to mull over my work to decide what to read. I have a body of work–which is something I did not have four years ago. Ask me why.

I have three months until the reading to prepare my mind (and body.) Ha ha. I’ll post specifics when the press release is released.  Life’s been good to me so far.

In addition to the poetry reading I will be giving, I will be involved in two writing-related projects this fall. In one of the projects, I will be writing material inspired by music for a local theater company and for the other project I will facilitate poetry workshops with students. I’m not sure what grade-level I will be working with but I did express a preference for high school age.  

I’m thrilled to be working with other local poets, musicians, and actors and to have the opportunity to introduce the youth of my area to the craft of poetry. I love my city and state and to be in the heart of the art is central to my professional hopes and endeavors. I’m sure September will bring further clarification on the specifics of these projects and more info.